Cushions have come a long way from being an uncomfortable leather bag filled with horse hair or coarse wool. These were initially used to make hard wooden chairs slightly more comfortable to sit on. But now, cushions have become a vital part of home decor.

Cushion covers are an easy and cost effective way to redecorate ones home as they easily complement furniture and breathe life into the room. By playing around with various colours, patterns and materials, Oro Decor’s cushion covers accentuate a room’s decor and lend it a charming vibe.

Oro Decors cushion collection is available in an array of sizes, colours and designs using value added techniques such as laser cutting, digital printing and embroidery.

Oro Decor offers a wide range of designs to choose from so that customers can decorate their couches or bedrooms aesthetically. Some of the bestselling design patterns for cushion covers are florals, plains & textures, stripes & checks, abstracts, damasks and geometrics.

Cushion fillers make cushions plush and cosy to sit on. Oro Decor’s filled cushions come with a polyester fibre filling that is hollow and siliconized. This ensures they are soft, durable and extremely fluffy.

If you are looking for versatile and durable cushions then Oro Decor's range has much to choose from.