A bed is more than just a set of sheets and pillows. Building a bed set has become an art form. It is an extension of one’s unique personality, and the focal point of the bedroom.

Oro Decor is the foremost choice when looking for elegance in bedding products. Oro Decors range of bedding sets comprises of stylishly assembled bedsheets, pillow covers, quilted comforters, deck cushions, blankets and the like. The company has an extensive range of coordinated bedding collections that are visually appealing and designed keeping in mind various moods and themes. Colours range from pastels to vibrant shades while designs include plains, textures, abstracts, damasks, paisleys, geometrics, ethnics and florals.

Oro Decor's range of blankets are made from fabrics such as flannel, sherpa, coral and fleece. These are available in solid dyed, printed, embossed and jacquards patterns. The weight of the products can be customised to suit varying price points as the production is done from ground up.

The diversity in the product offering makes Oro Decor’s range suitable for varying consumer segments.